Friday, 4 May 2007

Cover artwork for the Difference Machine

We're just sorting out the cover design at the moment. Here are the two main images which will be on the booklet, the lower image is Perfect Cosmic Storm by Jim Trainer and the other one is The Difference Machine by Andy Poole.


Steve said...

Looks absolutely beautiful, great job.

Bill said...

Beautiful artwork. Any idea yet when the albums will be available?

Twelve Stones said...

Hi Bill

there will be 20 minutes worth of free downloads as a taster by the end of June / beginning of July (from and we'll be taking pre-orders from then at a heavily discounted price for early purchasers.



Mrs Robinson said...

"Difference Machine" has a certain "je ne sais quoi" but why not try it on the diagonal? Is the designer a Graduate of art school?

Twelve Stones said...

Hello Mrs Robinson,

Bearing in mind the advanced age of the artist, it would probably work better on a diagonal from the top left of the picture to bottom right.