Saturday 7 June 2008

The Making of Goodbye to the Age of Steam (part 1a)

We've been putting together a short video blog on the re-making of English Boy Wonders which we'll upload as soon as possible. In the meantime, Andy found some old camcorder footage from 1993 of the recording of our first album, Goodbye to the Age of Steam which we'll be uploading onto the blog over the next few weeks.

Here is part one (divided into two short films, part 1a posted above and 1b below) which shows the early stages of the Age of Steam recording sessions ( guide backing tracks and drums.)

Looking at the footage, we come over as a bunch of complete tits but, in our defence, we were young then, and acting as young men do. The worrying thing is, looking at the film I've just recorded of the mixing sessions for the English Boy Wonders re-release, we're still acting the same now.

So, older yes, and fatter certainly, but not necessarily wiser.

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Anonymous said...

The guy with the black hair is crazy!