Monday 21 July 2008

Classic Rock

We have a track on the cover disc of the new issue of Classic Rock.
It's a very interesting compilation, although I'm not sure I'd describe many of the bands featured on it as prog (at least not based on the songs on the disc.) At times it sounds more like an AOR compilation.
The Pineapple Thief song is very good. Wish I'd written it.


Anonymous said...

No Man is brilliant as well! True North is a brilliant song. Of course Summer's lease is also quite a decent song ;--))


Anonymous said...

I love the disc - it's a strong compilation, which is good as it means it will get played a lot and not discarded to the glove box as so many do. The songs from No Man and Pineapple Thief are brilliant. I've got both CD’s, and these songs are probably the highlights on their own albums. (The sound of these bands is very similar throughout, and what you hear on this compilation, is what you are going to get if you invest the £10 plus on their full albums). Pineapple Thief have been doing the bends for years and both bands are very Radiohead (not a bad thing). On the other hand, Summer's Lease (is a really great song), but it's an end song, and feels a little out of place here. The Difference Machine album is much more diverse that you might expect from this “closing” song. It would have been great to hear one of the album highlights like Saltwater (I'm guessing this was too long) but this song, apart from being the best prog song ever recorded shows the full range of the band. Nevertheless , I'm very pleased to see bigbigtrain get some well earned publicity, and I hope it gets you the recognition you deserve. If you haven’t heard The Difference Machine, and you like Summer’s Lease – you’re going to love the other songs – buy it from the web site it’s great value.

Gregory Spawton said...

We almost asked if they could put Summer's Lease at the end of the album, but thought that'd be a bit cheeky. The other songs were indeed, too long for inclusion.

thegreenman555 said...

Mystery was good - tho I first thought maybe it was YOUR band that contained Yes' new singer LOL.

Great track, my first intro to BBT, now I cant get enough!

I live an hour from Bournemouth - when are you guys playing live?!