Thursday 30 July 2009


There are some great new releases coming in the next few months - new Mew album, new Prefab Sprout , the first live Genesis box set and, of course, our own little album.

Another CD I'm really looking forward to is the first release by Haken. This is a band I've only just become aware of; they had a track on the sampler CD on Classic Prog 2 which sounded slightly otherwordly, like something PFM might have recorded in their heyday. So, I sought out their only currently available release, a demo featuring 6 songs from 2007 and 2008.

It's a very strong debut. The quality is limited slightly by what I imagine was a restricted recording budget, but like all great demo's, it shows a band reaching for something that they don't quite have the resources to achieve.

When they get there, and most surely they will, Haken will be a force to be reckoned with.

Dream Theater are Haken's self-confessed heroes, but their music shows a wide-ranging set of influences. They are heavy at times, but very comfortable in the quieter sections (many heavy bands seem, to me, to play quiet bits just to make the heavy bits sound louder.) Haken do both piano and forte very well.

They also are capable of writing uncommon, haunting, melody lines and I love the structure of their songs - they are good at getting back, in interesting ways, to choruses or themes, even if they've been on a lengthy instrumental excursion.

Haken is a band to watch out for.


Leo said...

Also very good is the cd by Engineers!

Jim said...

I was well impressed with the track on the prog magazine. Where did you buy the demo?

The second free CD is much better than the first. At least 4 bands I really want to hear more from.

Spotify has some of the albums including two by Sine Star Project which are very good.

But Haken were the stand out act on the CD. The songs on their myspace page are not as good but show promise. A real find - worth the hefty price for the mag.

Leo said...

He Jim,

What did you think of the Astra track?

Haken said...

Hi guys

Its Hen here, from Haken. Thanks a lot for your compliments, i'm very glad your liking our tracks. We have indeed been resticted in the past by our modest recording budgets, which i'm sure is a common case for many bands.
The demo has certainly served its purpose as we have recently signed to Sensory Records. We'll be releasing our debut album, Aquarius, in January 2010. We're currently in the studio recording it as we speak, we all very excited about how it sounding, all of our previous ideas have been greatly developed. We also have a healthy budget behind us this time, so i can guarantee that we won't disapoint.

Thanks again.



Jim said...

Hi Leo (not sure if you'll read this, but if you do - Hi).

The whole of the second sampler was very good. Haken were easily the best and I'm very excited by the news of the album release.

Astra are also very good - they remind me of early Pendragon and Jadis. But I was more impressed with GAZPACHO. I know they sound a lot like h era Marillion, but is that a bad thing? I got the album and it's really good.

Bought PROG 3 on holiday, the CD is not as strong but the magazine is great.

pulsefloyd said...

Great news. HAKEN's concept album AQUARIUS will be released on 30th MARCH 2010 0n LASER'S EDGE/SENSORY. Saw Haken live with BIGELF at the CAMDEN BARFLY. Great sets from both bands. Really looking forward to this album.

pulsefloyd said...

U.K. based prog metallers Haken have posted a full track from their dedut album AQUARIUS. Listen to ETERNAL RAIN on myspace and on Laser's Edge.