Sunday 16 August 2009

Dave Gregory with Big Big Train

Dave Gregory: not lazy at all (photo from Guitargonauts)

I am pleased to announce another very special guest joining Big Big Train on The Underfall Yard. Dave Gregory is the guitarist and keyboard player for one of my favourite bands, the glorious XTC. His astounding discography includes appearances with Peter Gabriel and Porcupine Tree.

Dave's guitar, sitar and mellotron playing has become a major feature of The Underfall Yard and I can't wait for you to hear the performances that he's turned in for Big Big Train. They are, quite frankly, brilliant.

If we do decide to return to live performance in the next couple of years, I very much hope that Dave will be joining us.

More news on The Underfall Yard soon.


Unknown said...

So the Mellotron on the Underfall yard is real this time?


Gregory Spawton said...

Dave Gregory does, indeed, have a real Mellotron. The parts played by me are samples from M-Tron Pro which has, for us, the best Mellotron samples we have come across. And we've tried a lot.

I'm not a rabid purist about Mellotrons, to be honest. If it sounds great, that's what counts and I would be very surprised if anyone could tell the difference between M-Tron Pro and the real thing.

And isn't the CD-making process just sampling?

Unknown said...

We also use the M-Tron Pro and the samples sound great. If I could afford a real one I'd buy it. The M-Tron sounds still are too clean but I agree that it's getting more and more difficult to tell the difference.


claus said...

Now I really can't wait to hear your new album! Sounds amazing and I'm hoping for the prog masterpiece of 2009!