Friday 15 January 2010

Does anybody have the original artwork for Goodbye to the Age of Steam?

We're just debating options for the remixed re-release of Goodbye to the Age of Steam and it is beginning to look like a CD release is viable rather than just a download-only version. However, we don't have the original painting for the cover. I know it's a long- shot, but I thought I'd ask whether anyone knows of its wherabouts?

It was painted by a chap called Kev Thompson and we know that he sold it onto somebody. Was it a prog fan who bought it (in which case we might be able to track it down) or was it somebody
who liked pictures of Cornish engine houses? (in which case we haven't got a chance.)
Can anybody help with this? (cue: tumbleweed in the comments)


Jim said...

I think you should contact Kevin. I was at a CRS gig in Rotherham and a painting was sold for the CRS funds - it went for only £50 at an awards night around the time Bard was released. I couldn't believe it! I really wanted it and would have paid anything for the painting (I loved the album so much) but I didn't have cash (never thought until it was too late I could have used my card or swapped the car for it).

It was a special album for me, a real discovery. I bought the album in Virgin in Newcastle for two reasons; first it was on the GEP label and I trusted iQ to support a band of great promise and secondly I loved the cover. It turned out to be the best impulse buy I have ever made, and I would have loved to own the original artwork.

Kevin was at the gig when the painting was sold, I couldn't hear what was said about it and I never got a close view of it. Having spoke to him since I know how much he loves the band and I can't imagine he would give up the original - perhaps he sold a copy or a preliminary study?

If it was the original - a member of the regular CRS crowd from Rotherham bought it. You could also try Martin at the CRS?

Jim said...

Just a thought. The original print house my still have the data on file?