Thursday 8 July 2010

In sharp focus

Popped into Aubitt studios the other night for a chat with Rob and Mike Holmes, who are finishing off the new The Lens album.

The Lens was the immediate antecedent of IQ (which was formed out of the ashes of The Lens in the early 1980's.) When I heard that Mike was revisiting The Lens I was slightly sceptical; I wasn't sure what the point of it would be.

I was wrong to be unsure. Mike played us three of the tracks from the forthcoming album and they sounded absolutely brilliant. There were shades of Camel, Pink Floyd, Hawkwind (and, of course, IQ) in a setting of  contemporary sounds and with an almost Trance feel at times. It has been beautifully recorded as well.

I'm not sure when The Lens album will be released, but do check it out.

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Steve Dunstan said...

The album 'A Word in Your Eye' is well worth checking out (it's a re-recorded album of original Lens material by Holmes/Orford). It's very interesting to hear embryonic bits of music here and there that would eventually evolve into some of IQ's best known stuff, and 'Choosing A Farmer (parts I & III) is the best song IQ never made :)