Sunday 28 September 2014

Big Big Train update

Left to right: Andy Poole / Danny Manners / David Longdon / Rikard Sjoblom /
Nick D'Virgilio / Dave Gregory / Rachel Hall / Greg Spawton. Photograph by Kain Dear.

This post is a quick round-up of recent news which we will publish on all of the various BBT internet and social media outlets in the next few days.

Big Big Train recently announced two shows in London in August 2015. The gigs both sold out during the pre-sale and a third concert has now been announced. Tickets for this show will shortly go on general sale. These are the only gigs currently planned in the next year. BBT will be joined for the gigs by the wonderful brass band which featured on The Underfall Yard and English Electric albums.

We will be releasing a DVD and Blu-Ray of our recent performances at Real World studios in the spring 2015.

We have written around 2 hours of new songs (many of which are now at least partially recorded). We aim to complete these songs for album releases in 2016 and 2017.

We are slowly making progress with the Station Masters retrospective release and will try to get that finished off alongside the new songs.

We are pleased to welcome Rachel Hall and Rikard Sjöblom into both the live and recording line-up of Big Big Train.


Tobbe said...

Yiihaaw! World dominion next! Ha ha ha... But seriously, these are the most important musical events in my book in the coming year!

MatD said...

I must say I'm a bit dissappointed as I hoped for gigs on European mainland (Germany or Holland in special).
I'm afraid now I'll never get the occasion to see BBT live. :/

Greetings, Uwe.

Unknown said...

MatD was dismayed at not seeing BBT in mainland Europe, i get well cheesed off at bands just doing b****y London. Check out Robin2 at Bilston, great venue, anyone/everyone prog goes there. The UK isn't just inside the M25!

Gregory Spawton said...

We've explained our position a number of times on this issue. We are playing with a 5 piece brass band - there will be 13 of us on stage. This restricts the type of venue we can play in. The technical requirements are challenging with a 13 piece band, and it makes far more sense for us to be at one venue for the three shows. We have done all we can to make it accessible (the venue is a stone's throw from St Pancras and Kings Cross, and the Sunday show is a matinee which helps people with the Sunday travel hassles).