Monday 18 June 2007

The buzzing in the brain of new songs

Just having a couple of days off in Prague to see Genesis on their Turn it on Again tour. I'm hoping the band will do something to wipe the Invisible Touch era forever from my mind with a set which re-unifies the different eras. Hoping but not hopeful. If I get the chance I'll post a review of the gig on the English Electric Review site.

In the meantime, Sean has been checking out the mixes before we complete the album next week and Andy is working on some last minute additions to the songs (mainly some extra sound effects.)

As for me, I had a nice new song on the boil at home. Unfortunately, I couldn't bring a guitar or keyboard with me so I'm left with to trying to finish it off in my head. I do a lot of songwriting in my head, but it can become a bit irritating (like being locked in a room with an angry bee.) It can also make me seem very pre-occupied, and I do tend to drift off in the middle of sentences. Not a very sociable activity, songwriting.


Ian Cooper said...

Hi there, remember me? feeling a bit left out and curry-less... Hope you're all having fun in the studio. Blah.

Anonymous said...

No Ian on the album??????

Anonymous said...

Not this time. The album felt complete enough with Greg's keyboard parts and we have viola, flute, and saxophone all competing for space.



Anonymous said...

Have you got rid of yer Bee yet??

Pesky Critters can play havoc with concentration and muddle the old grey cells. Can't have that happening to the creative process or we'll never have any more fab music.

Gregory Spawton said...

I have indeed, thank you!

We've just demo'd two new songs, about 17 minutes worth in total.

We're going into the studio in September to record the drums for these two songs with NDV.