Tuesday 12 June 2007

Last few days of mixing

Back in the studio and almost there now - just getting the first mixes of Summer's Lease and Salt Water together and doing the snagging list for Pick Up If You're There and Perfect Cosmic Storm.

It's all sounding rather good and we can't wait to get the album released. Some long extracts from two of the songs (about 20 minutes' worth) will be available for free download from the website from early July.

Rob is also busy with the new IQ album at the moment and Martin Orford popped in this morning. IQ are due to finish their album in September and I hear that there will be at least one epic song on there.

Better get back to the music now, my favourite bit in Salt Water is coming up.


ps - before I go, should leave you with a couple of Rob's quotes from today:

"I'd like to scoop some shit out of the way." Meaning my guitar parts.

And, after I enquired whether I needed to adjust my technique on one of the parts:

"I think you need to stop playing."

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