Friday 29 October 2010

Far Skies CD's

All pre-orders for the Far Skies EP received before the 25th October have been posted today (with the exception of signed copies - those will ship next week.)

We support our little rural Post Office by shipping all our sales through them and, as I suspected, we overwhelmed them a bit today. However, they worked hard to get all the packets stamped up and I think that they were all done in time for the last post.

Orders we received in the last couple of days will be sent tomorrow or Monday.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for my copy to hit my postbox (not literally I hope)!

Steve Dunstan said...

Thanks guys, received my copy yesterday. Have to mention the packaging, artwork is wonderful as usual - great job!

Anonymous said...

Mine came yesterday, took me 3 hours to get through the cellophane, then another 50 minutes to extract the CD from the slipcase. By then it was time for bed.


Anonymous said...

Received mine yesterday. Royal Mail's not too bad since I'm in NZ! Another superb CD, IMHO.

MatD said...

Just received mine today. ATM I'm listening to the first track. It sounds like a lost Genesis track at their best time. Incredibly beautiful!
And the cover art again is one of the best I've ever seen.

Sers MatD, looking forward to the next tracks.

MatD said...

I have to add something, now as the last track is over(The Wide Open Sea). My words fail... this is simply one of the best things I ever heard and probably the best thing this band has ever done. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes. Incredible. Wow.

Sers, MatD

Jacques Duraques said...


received my copy yesterday. again great music. everybody who likes the underfall yard should be pleased with this release!!! master of time has been beautifully arranged... and yeah... i am also a great ant phillips fan!

best wishes... (jacques from charles dexter ward)

claus said...

received my copy yesterday.
great album, i absolutley love what you have done to the old ant philips tune. amazing. how about an album with other cover versions? ;-)
the rest of the songs are also very strong - the wide open sea is fantastic!
good job - as always! :-)

frankur said...

Another great release. Love British Racing Green, being a Philadelphia guy, has some soul roots mixed with Blue Nile. Lots of diversity, last track is a classic. Great job guys, ready for the next one!

Fugaji said...

Hello, I received Far Skies CD Today!! Thank you!!! From Japan.

Georg said...

Mine is on the way from the UK to Hamburg (or the heavily underpaid mail-workers just put it into some shop nearby without notifying me - happens often because they are paid for 8 hours and work up to 14). Anyway, I'm looking forward to the loooong EP, and from what MatD wrote here, it must be superb again^^.

MatD said...

It seems that the way from the UK to Hamburg is much more longer than the one from the UK to the 'Ruhrgebiet'. Sometimes Mailing is a strange thing...

BTW, my opinion hasn't changed at all. The CD is still on heavy rotation. :)

Greetings from Witten in Germany,

claus said...

amazing cd!
been listening to it constantly for the last few days! every song is extremly strong.
now i'm even more psyched about the next album! when will english electric be released? 2011? and what about the rerelease of the first bbt album? that was always a favourite of mine, so i'm also looking forward to the new version? what can we expect? and when? ;-)

Georg said...

And now the EP has not only made it to Witten, but to Hamburg too^^. I fully agree (again) to MatD about the colour art. Beautiful.
I was curious how the "Brel" song would be like - well, not a bit too short or too long, it's wonderful. (Proves a song can well be more than 15 minutes and without lack of tension throughout.).
A superb CD just after my taste, and like all said, very highly recommended! Second time listening was on headphones here, and that adds to the pleasure.