Thursday 28 October 2010

The International Prog Rock Show (BBT special)

On October 24th, The International Prog Rock Show broadcast a BBT special to celebrate the release of the Far Skies Deep Time EP. The show features an in depth interview with Andy Poole, a selection of songs from our back catalogue and a preview of all of the songs from Far Skies. The show is now available for download (there is a link to the download page for the show on the IPRS blog.)

Many thanks to Rick Blake and Frank Marceau for making this happen.

5 comments: said...

LISTEN FRIDAY 8PM GMT 2PM EST The International Prog Rock Show !

Anonymous said...

Thanks, great interview and great music; kept me out of trouble for three hours!

Looking forward to the new LEP (long extended play).

Test said...

I've just finished listening to the show and I've been blown away! The new songs that were on the show by you guys were incredible, you certainly haven't failed to impress. Your new songs have not fell behind the awesomeness of TUY, however I wouldn't want to compare, because they are different from one another and Individually great.

The show has also let me listen to some of Big Big Trains stuff that I'd never heard before, such as the stuff from TDM. Summer's Lease is such a beautiful piece and I love the Master of Time cover.

Anonymous said...

humbled by your comments.
Thank you from Montreal !!!
Rick Blake(aka MontrealRick)

Frank said...

Thank you Greg for posting a link to our website. Traffic was incredible. You have a very big and loyal fan base.

Thank you to all who downloaded and listened to our show. We are very humbled.

And thank you to Andy for being so generous with his time and answering a few of our questions. (on behalf of Rick and I)

Keep making marvelous music!

Frank (from the International Prog Rock Show)