Sunday 17 October 2010

Goodbye to the Age of Steam is NOT being re-issued on 18th October

It's been pointed out to me that Amazon are advertising a re-issue of our first album Age of Steam with availability from 18th October.

I'm assuming that this is just an error on Amazon's part, but if it's not, then I don't know who has taken it upon themselves to re-issue our music. The rights were given back to us by GEP a few years back and we have the master tapes in our possession.

Our re-issue is due in the spring next year. It's been completely re-mixed and re-mastered and has bonus tracks and new artwork. If this imposter re-issue is for real rather than a mirage, I do urge you to ignore it and wait for the official version.


MatD said...

Hi Greg,
it's quite often that Amazon has fantasy dates as release dates for music and even more often for computer software. I assume this is one of these glitches. If not, I'll wait for the proper release, of course.
BTW, when does the EP ship? :)
Sers, MatD

Gregory Spawton said...

Hi Mat

it does seem to have disappeared from Amazon so you may be right.
Ep will ship from the 28th October.



Jasper Budd said...

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J4sp3R Budd
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