Monday 18 June 2007

The buzzing in the brain of new songs

Just having a couple of days off in Prague to see Genesis on their Turn it on Again tour. I'm hoping the band will do something to wipe the Invisible Touch era forever from my mind with a set which re-unifies the different eras. Hoping but not hopeful. If I get the chance I'll post a review of the gig on the English Electric Review site.

In the meantime, Sean has been checking out the mixes before we complete the album next week and Andy is working on some last minute additions to the songs (mainly some extra sound effects.)

As for me, I had a nice new song on the boil at home. Unfortunately, I couldn't bring a guitar or keyboard with me so I'm left with to trying to finish it off in my head. I do a lot of songwriting in my head, but it can become a bit irritating (like being locked in a room with an angry bee.) It can also make me seem very pre-occupied, and I do tend to drift off in the middle of sentences. Not a very sociable activity, songwriting.

Wednesday 13 June 2007

Studio tan

A couple of 12 hour days in the studio and different parts of our personalities start to come to the fore. For example, Andy, who can be a bit of a worrier when preparing for the mixing , becomes horizontally laid back during the later phases of the studio sessions. He just ends up sitting there with a beatific grin on his face as if he hasn't a care in the world.

We are just finishing a second (and hopefully final) mix of Perfect Cosmic Storm and I'd recorded a new guitar section in our own studio after doing the first mix (we're still recording right up to the wire on this album.) This new part needed to be transferred onto the computer in Rob's studio so it could be included in the mix.

Just as the mix is nearing completion, Andy's voice pipes up from the sofa:

'I'm just wondering where that new guitar part is.'

I turn round. 'Where is it?'

'It's around somewhere.'

'Well, where? Have you left it in the other studio?' My voice suggests the suppression of a rising tide of panic.

Andy beckons towards a portable computer drive 'It's probably on that big hard drive.'

And he smiles the unflappable smile.

Tuesday 12 June 2007

Last few days of mixing

Back in the studio and almost there now - just getting the first mixes of Summer's Lease and Salt Water together and doing the snagging list for Pick Up If You're There and Perfect Cosmic Storm.

It's all sounding rather good and we can't wait to get the album released. Some long extracts from two of the songs (about 20 minutes' worth) will be available for free download from the website from early July.

Rob is also busy with the new IQ album at the moment and Martin Orford popped in this morning. IQ are due to finish their album in September and I hear that there will be at least one epic song on there.

Better get back to the music now, my favourite bit in Salt Water is coming up.


ps - before I go, should leave you with a couple of Rob's quotes from today:

"I'd like to scoop some shit out of the way." Meaning my guitar parts.

And, after I enquired whether I needed to adjust my technique on one of the parts:

"I think you need to stop playing."