Saturday 22 September 2007

New song - Available Light

We've just spent some time with Nick D'Virgilio working on material for the follow up album to The Difference Machine, English Electric.

Here is a brief clip of Nick in action on a couple of sections of a new song called Available Light.

If you prefer to watch at Youtube, it's also here.

**Quality-control warning - it's only hand-held camcorder footage and all the music is at guide-part stage, so apologies for the wobbly vocals, made-up words, crap bits etc.**

Friday 21 September 2007

Painting the music

Our official artist, James Trainer, has his own My Space page with a huge amount of artwork for past (and future) Big Big Train releases. He has Summer's Lease playing in the background and, maybe it's the melancholy of autumn and having drunk the best part a bottle of wine, but the paintings and the music seem to blend into one another.

Do stop by if you get the chance. Jim started off as a BBT fan, but we're all now Jim Trainer fans.

Prognosis / Babyblaue reviews

We've picked up some nice reviews so far, let's hope they keep coming. Here is another one at ProgGnosis.

And one (in German) at Babyblaue Seiten. If I read this one correctly, they give the album as a whole 12/15, and then give an individual mark to Perfect Cosmic Storm of 15/15. Which is nice.

Sunday 16 September 2007

A couple of new pics

We've been recording some new songs for the next album, English Electric. Here are a couple of new pics taken at Aubitt Studios.