Monday 12 November 2007

Back in the studio

Back in the studio yesterday for some more recording. Phil and Thomas from Thieves Kitchen popped in for a listen. Their shortly-to-be-released album sounds very interesting.

I asked Thomas who else he had played for as Phil had mentioned he had done some previous recording and he said, 'oh, I used to be in this band in Sweden called Anglagard .'

'What??!!' I replied whilst falling off the studio couch.

I've been hunting for the two Anglagard albums for several months as I've heard that they were essential listening.

According to the Anglagard website, Thomas is taking a PHD in theoretical fusion plasma physics at Oxford. If I had known that yesterday I would, of course, have entered into a detailed and informed discussion with Thomas about nuclear stuff which would certainly have moved his PHD forward by some years. As it was, I spent most of my time trying to blag one of those rare Anglagard CD's from him.

Unfortunately, he hadn't got any copies either.

Monday 5 November 2007


Stuart Cameron's new Progressive Rock Review website features a recent interview with me.

Stuart's show features extended conversations with prog musicians and is being promoted through a number of radio stations and iTunes.