Sunday 19 June 2016

Progressive Music Awards 2016

Photograph by Neil Palfreyman
Big Big Train has been nominated in three categories in the Progressive Music Awards 2016: best band, best live event for our London shows in August 2015 and best album for our new release, Folklore.

We are up against the likes of Steven Wilson, David Gilmour, Dream Theater, King Crimson and Haken in these awards so it's a bit like being the Spartans at Thermopylae, only with not so many dangerous sharpened objects being pointed in our general direction. Nevertheless, please don't let the mighty hordes of fans from the other bands and artists put you off from voting for BBT in any of the categories should you be so minded.

In any case, if you like progressive rock please take the time to vote for your favourites as the awards play an important part in helping to spread the word about prog rock into the wider media.

In celebration of our nominations and as a taster of our live shows (we'll soon be announcing some gigs for 2017), here is East Coast Racer played live in London last year.

Voting for the Progressive Music Awards is here.