Wednesday 28 March 2007

Jem Godfrey of Frost

Just wanted to say many thanks to Jem Godfrey for mentioning us on his weblog:

Jem Godfrey Weblog

Jem very kindly states that:

'I've been quietly keeping an eye, these last few years, on a band called Big Big Train Check out the Salt Water edit on their MyMurdoch page. I think they could be this year's dark horses prog wise. I really hope so.'

Jem's progressive rock band, Frost, released an excellent album, Milliontown, last year.


Jem is an Ivor Novello award winner and has written and produced several number one singles.



Steve Dunstan said...

Nice to be recognised - Frost's album you mentioned in the post is indeed quite good, especially the two longer tracks (the title track and Black Light Machine), well worth a listen if you like lighter prog.

Anonymous said...

I've been a lover of BBT music for a number of years now and i think it's about time that you got some appraisal for the music you've been releasing! Good to notice that good things are finally coming your way now. Big guests on the new album and some nice words from Jem Godfrey. Rightly deserved!