Wednesday 18 April 2007

Still mixing...

We should finish the first mix of Perfect Cosmic Storm - the longest and most difficult song on the album - tomorrow.

We hoped to finish yesterday, but ran out of time. We were still hopeful at 9pm (an hour before the studio closes) when Rob leant back in his chair and said:

'We've got a long fucking way to to go with this track, I can tell you.'

So, tomorrow it is then.


Steve Dunstan said...

Absolutely beside myself with anticipation of the new album, especially seeing the guests you've got, keep up the good work fellas :)

Gregory Spawton said...

Thanks Steve.

We're very excited about the Difference Machine - we think this is far and away the best album we've written.



bill said...

I did not realize music could get better than 'Gathering Speed'. The Road... made my wife cry the other night.

Gregory Spawton said...

Thanks for the feedback Bill which is hugely appreciated.