Thursday 30 August 2007

Hurrah - the CD's have arrived!

The CD's have finally arrived here at English Electric. Three years' work, all distilled into a small plastic object. As I write, several members of BBT are frantically packaging up CD's for the pre-sale orders. We start shipping tomorrow and hope to have all of the pre-sales posted by Tuesday next week (apart from orders from those who asked for signed copies. We have a holiday issue with one band member, so there will be a short delay on signed CD's)



Anonymous said...

Wow. Starting to send the cd's on friday and hope to be ready on tuesday. That most be a lot of cd's. The cd offer seems to be a success??

Anonymous said...

We're chuffed as nuts. The pre-release offer has exceeded expectations, although it's like a post office at English Electric rather than a studio at the moment.


llaurén said...

Received my Difference Machine CD yesterday and scrobbling it as we speak!

Gregory Spawton said...

Glad to hear it arrived with you safely and hope you enjoy.



Anonymous said...

Just got it yesterday in the US. Been listening to it at work today and it sounds great!

Anonymous said...

been listening to the difference machine for a few days now and i must say that i'm very impressed by it! another great album - thanks for the exciting music!