Sunday 6 April 2008

Wondering about adding the definite article

As you know, we've been spending the last few weeks rummaging around in our old toy cupboard and having a play with the master tapes of the English Boy Wonders album.

It's been a happy time for us, dusting off the old material. I don't play many guitar solos these days but used to play quite a few back then. I've chosen to re-record some of them and add a couple more, inspired by a recent purchase of an Epiphone Les Paul (Epiphone make tremendous guitars these days, at a fraction of the price of the American versions.)

Anyway, it'll soon be time for us to set aside our childish things and release the revised English Boy Wonders. After that we'll need to get back to the new album which is looming up as a rather formidable challenge. We want to sustain the progress we've made since Gathering Speed by making further improvements and refinements to our sound.

We're also wondering about improving our band name.

When I were a young lad, my toy cupboard contained the splendid No 1 Big Big Train set. It had red track and a blue locomotive. Andy has pointed out that my set also possessed the definite article - it was 'The Big Big Train' rather than 'Big Big Train.'

I quite like this and we're wondering whether we should release our next album under the band name of The Big Big Train. This would be a sort of reverse Pink Floyd situation as they started off as The Pink Floyd. After Pink Floyd removed the definite article, they went on to become wildly successful and famous and had real groupies and everything. Maybe the same would happen to us, but in reverse? Which means we'd be even less successful and famous and have even fewer groupies than the ones we haven't got now.


llaurén said...

Not that you're running a vote or anything, but i suggest the Indefinite. The BBT is a Dixieland Jazz ensemble, They Might Be Giants or something playing gay country music. BBT (sans The) is quirky Brittish humour, the "what's this" or just plain weird.

Note that i do love They Might Be Giants, but i don't expect them to be Big Big Train, or vice versa.

Anonymous said...
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Frank said...

The Big Big Train sounds old-BBT or fully spelled out gives the impression of Trains on steroids, future tense. The other looks and sounds old.
Maybe I never really was into trains but my vote is stick with what you are using. Just attended Rosfest and people are finally listing you as a preferred act to invite next year. Stick with it!
FLU (Frank NJ)

Anonymous said...

Hi - Not sure an extra 'The' would add anything, actually . I really like Big Big Train as a name just as it is.

Anonymous said...

Or you could put it in the middle. Big THE Big Train, or Big Big THE Train?

Jem - The Frost* (According to Amazon anyway...)