Monday 30 June 2008

Free audio download of first mix of The Shipping Forecast

The video in the post below this one shows us working on the new mix of The Shipping Forecast for the EBW re-release. The first audio mix of the song is now available for free audio download at:
(click on 'monthly download' when you get to the page.)

It can also be listened to (or downloaded) at our MySpace page.

The download will be replaced by the final mix of the song when it's finished and it may be slightly edited to tighten it up, so get this version while you can.


Anonymous said...

Hello there,

The new mix of the shipping forecast sounds great.I don't think it's too long as the song progresses nicely without any weak moments. Really like the new back up vocals and the Tron additions. English Boy Wonders was my first BBT purchase and it's still an album I play a lot. I'm a big prog fan but I grew up in the eighties with English bands like The Lotus Eaters, China Crisis etc. And English Boy Wonders feels like a mix between progressive rock and those English eighties bands. I am especially curious how Albion Perfide is going to sound like. I really like the opening theme (and closing section) but I always thought that the piano bit in the middle was way too long.
Anyway; listening to this mix of the shipping forecast made me curious enough to buy the re-release of English Boy Wonders.


Gregory Spawton said...

Hi Leo

The first mix of Albion will probably be the next download sample later this month. The piano is still there, but we've added a lot of music around it to support and develop the part - it was way too sparse before and just seemed to ramble on.