Friday 6 March 2009

We should get behind this...

The inestimable Classic Rock has announced that it will be publishing a quarterly journal of prog rock called, rather catchily, 'Prog'.

I'm not sure if Classic Rock are just taking a punt at a new launch to see how it goes, or if this is based on strong sales of the one or two prog special issues they've published in recent years (and therefore a genuine sign of rising fortunes for progressive rock) but, either way, prog fans should get behind this magazine.


Anonymous said...

I will risk the people pointing, the sniggering and the happy-slapping to buy this journal.

Anonymous said...

Was that meant to be a pun - get behind this?

Giving it features a set of rather good behinds on the cover.

I guess I'll be getting mine out too.

Jim said...

I can't find this in the shops - when was it issued?

Gregory Spawton said...

March 25th - it was in my local WH Smith's in Bournemouth.

It's a very solid first issue.

Jim said...

Magazine has eventually arrived in Newcastle! The content is generally very good, a mix of old news (which to my shame I can't help but enjoy reading) and information on new bands and progress of older bands.

The item on Genesis album cover art was a waste of space and I would have liked to see more in the reviews section.

All in all I enjoyed the magazine very much more than anything else I have purchased. It's been a long time since I bought a magazine and read it from cover to cover, and despite the inflated price (almost twice the price of the standard mag) I'll be buying the next issue.

My only complaint is my cover didn't feature the splendid collection of female bottoms.

Thanks for recommending it.

Steve said...

I've been everywhere and not been able to pick up a copy, tearing my bloody hair out :/ GRRRRR