Wednesday 26 August 2009

An autumn of epic tracks

No sooner do Porcupine Tree announce a 55 minute epic on their new album (reviewed here by King Crimson biographer Sid Smith), then Transatlantic go longer with the announcement of a 77 minute track on their forthcoming release.

Our own little contribution to an autumn of epic songs comes in at just over 22 minutes.

However, despite the relatively piffling length of our tune and the undoubted pedigree of our fellow prog bands, I'm confident that our song will make some waves.

There is not long to wait now before it gets a hearing. Whilst The Underfall Yard CD is due on 15th December, all 22 minutes of the title track will be available as a free download from 30th September as a taster for the album.

More news soon.


dsw said...

Excellent! I'll set my timer for the 30th.


Unknown said...

THe Flower Kings did a 59 minute piece "The Garden of Trees" on Flower Power which I think wasn't very interesting, IMHO. So I'm afraid the 77 minutes of one Transatlantic song will prove to be too much for me. I am looking forward to hear the 55 minute track on the new PT album. As I understand that will be more a sequence of songs with a similar story. It's a about incidents Wilson read about, saw or experienced himself.

But i can't wait to hear the new BBT album. After hearing the brass parts on you tube and the other snippets (Nick D'virgilio's drumming)and Mr. Gregory playing on the album this ones going to be better than anything you've done before. So this will be one of THE important prog releases of 2009.

btw: Dave Gregory's work with Pugwash is excellent too! And worth checking out! Eleven Modern Antiquites and Jolity are both excellent albums (XTC's Andy Partridge is on them too)