Wednesday 30 September 2009

The Train now arriving...

The Underfall Yard will be released on 15th December. From today until the release date, the album can be pre-ordered here for an introductory price of just £8, which includes worldwide shipping. It will not be available from any other source before the 15th December. Pre-orders will be shipped so that the CD arrives on, or slightly before, the release date.

The Underfall Yard is the first Big Big Train album to feature our new singer David Longdon. Across the 60 minutes of the album there are also powerful performances from Nick D’Virgilio, Francis Dunnery, Jem Godfrey and Dave Gregory.

We have made all 23 minutes of the title track available for free download in high quality audio here.*  Even if you don't want to buy any Big Big Train music at the moment, please download the track and listen to what we think is a significant contribution to progressive music.

If you are new to Big Big Train, you can read about us here. If you want to buy a CD but are not sure which one(s) to splash out on, a beginner's guide to our CD's is here. Our shop, where you can buy CD's securely, is here. On the shop page, there is a music player where another song from The Underfall yard can be heard.

The Underfall Yard is a collection of songs which tell stories, some old and some new. The listener will travel through the tunnels made by the great Victorian engineers in England’s chalkhills, will hear the mournful laments of coastal villages lost to the sea on storm-filled nights, will meet the grand architect of castles, and hear the tale of the man who saved a great cathedral from collapse by diving under its flooded foundations.

We hope you enjoy our new music.

Greg Spawton

* Update - I've had a number of e-mails asking who plays what on the download track. The credits (and lyrics) can be found on the site, but I'll put them on here as well for ease of reference:

The Underfall Yard by Big Big Train

Performed by:

Nick D'Virgilio Drums

Dave Desmond Trombone

Francis Dunnery Guitar solo, guitar

Rich Evans Cornet

Jon Foyle Cello

Jem Godfrey Synthesizer solos

Dave Gregory Guitar solos, guitars, electric sitar

David Longdon Vocals, flute, glockenspiel

Andy Poole Bass, keyboards

Greg Spawton Guitars, keyboards, bass

Nick Stones French horn

Jon Truscott Tuba

To answer some of the specific questions I've had, Francis Dunnery's main parts are at 4.37 to 6.25, Jem Godfrey's at 6.26 to 7.20 and 19.18 to 20.10, and Dave Gregory's at 13.10 to 14.45 and 21.10 to 22.15. Dave Gregory also plays electric sitar in a number of places in the song.


Patrik Stigsson said...

Hi. I like the new song a lot. Looking forward to the album. I´m promoting you in Sweden all i can ;-)

claus said...

boy, it really sounds brilliant!
already ordered your new cd - can't wait for december to come! ;-)

adrian jones said...

that is excellent news chaps look forward to this one most definitely. i have posted this at thanks adrian

PiLouche said...

Thank you for your contribution for the Rock Prog !

I'm a french fan and I like your felling, your ambiance and your friends : Nick, Jem...

Keep rocking !


Marco said...

The new song sounds great. Preordered immediately. But if the album is ready why wait 'til December? Well, perhaps we just have to :)

MatD said...

Hi Greg,
the 2 new Songs are absolutely stunning. I think I'll promote you a little bit here in Germany. :)

Looking forward to December!
Sers, MatD

Unknown said...

The Underfall Yard does not dissappoint and show BBT on top form. Can't wait to receive the album. I just want to add two things:

1. David Longdon is an excellent choice. What a great voice!and beautiful harmonies

2. Great compliments for the artwork!


Pedro said...

My goodness this is wonderful stuff! I've clearly not been paying attention - must try harder.

Steve Dunstan said...

I've listened to the new track maybe 10 or 12 times now, and I must say it's sounding better with each listen. The vocal performance is excellent, and the brass near the end is shiver inducing! Great job guys, can't wait to hear the rest of the album :)

Anonymous said...

As a bigbigtrain obsessive I can't even qualify how much I like the free download. Hearing the demos I knew to expect something very, very special - but this exceeds my highest expectations. The band and composition are always excellent but this is just way off the scale. The Difference Machine was a great album - I didn't think you could possibly improve on it - but I was wrong!

David really shines on vocals and flute. The use of brass, and the heavier use of flute throughout, give this album a new edge - a true progression.

I am so proud to have my artwork associated with what I'm sure will be recognised as one of the great prog rock classics.

Well done to all involved.

Like Steve - I've played the track at least a dozen times and yes, it just keeps getting better.

I've never been convinced that long tracks make the best prog. but it appears that size really does matter.

Jim Trainer (I didn't want to be anonymous, but can't remember my google account)

Leo said...

He Jim,

Love the artwork!

Great job

Jim said...

Thanks Leo. In the end I didn't produce as much artwork for the project as I'd planned. I'm very pleased the band selected one of my painting for the cover. It's always a please to be involved - and it's a real honour to be involved with this project.

Andy Poole's working on the album design and I can't wait to see how it turns out. I just hope it does justice to what is easily their best set of songs.

Anyway, I'm pleased you like it. I always find Greg's lyrics so visual. In the title track, The Underfall Yard he writes....

"Deep in the heart of the land,
breaking through the old stone.
Chasing the trail of the water
down through underground streams"

It's a wonderful song and full beautiful imagery.

Dave said...

I like the new tracks, but can I make a suggestion without being shot?

The brass are not loud enough in the mix to give a high emotional kick. It might be me, but they are soloing at that point.

Also, is the reverb missing?

I don't know if these are ready to go tracks or just a rough mix.

I'm not being nasty, I like the tracks, but I cant help feel something is missing.


Will still buy it. Got all your albums.

Gregory Spawton said...

Hi Dave

within reason there is no censorship on here, so you can say what you like without being shot!

The mixes you are hearing are the finished ones. We've spent 10 days mixing the album and I can assure you that the levels of reverb and overall instrument levels are as we want them.

Hope you enjoy the album in context when you hear it as one piece.