Thursday 19 November 2009

Saw Mew

Saw Mew the other day. Decided it was time for Eleanor, my 15 year-old daughter, to experience the beer-stained environment of a student-union gig for the first time, so we headed off to the Bristol concert.

I've often wondered what it would be like to have seen Genesis in '71 or '72, as they delivered their extraordinary shows to committed audiences that were small enough to ensure you could get close to the action, and yet also big enough to feel that you were part of something that had genuine significance.

I think I understand what it would have been like now.

As for Ellie, she turned to me at the end and said that it was, quite simply, the best night of her life.


Jim said...

I got the same feeling watching Oceansize.

It's really cool that you can share such stuff with your daughter. Mew are such a good band - I'm more determined than ever to see them live. I think the latest album is their best work but it has received very poor reviews from the press. Classic rock gave it a decent rating but otherwise they have been very poor. It's beyond comprehension at times. The album reminds me a lot of Mercury Rev's All Is Dream and I expected it would have a much wider crossover appeal. Also with the wider acceptance of prog I thought it would get a good show in the press. Shows how much I know - hopefully time will prove me right.

Mark R said...

I saw Mew at Manchester and they were superb, the Academy was packed, and must have been close to a sell out. I was pleased to see so many people there as it has been a long 4 years since they last toured.

They are a special band hope they can continue.

I would like to catch Oceansize in December.

So much music, so many good bands, so little time.

Jim said...

Just bought the Oceansize EP - not at all what I expected. The music is beautiful and well played, but it sounds like camfire music. Albeit campfire music for the lost and lonely - probably burning love letters to keep warm in a squat.

Don't let me put you off, it really is very, very good!! But don't expect the normal build in tempo from the sublime guitar and keyboard sonics to shearing, blistering guitar mayhem. The EP explores the more "ambient" sounds created by the band. It was quite a shock! On the first play I kept thinking any minute now I'll have the neighbours hammering on the walls, but the hammering never came.

Once I accepted that this was something different, I realised they'd once again produced a set of songs of real value and exquisite beauty.

It's nearer Mogwai than Oceansize by just as good as ever.

Nix said...

My boy (15) went to his first gig on his own to see White Lies at Portsmouth Guildhall. Not only did he have the time of his life, but I sneaked in for their last song and memories of my first gig - Mott The Hoople - and many others at the same venue came flooding back. Cheers BBT