Tuesday 11 May 2010

Wild River

We are pleased to add Wild River, David Longdon's first solo album to the Big Big Train shop.

Wild River was recorded before David joined Big Big Train during a period of change (from one century to another). David Longon: "My old life was changing into an exciting/terrifying period in which I wondered what my new life would be like. The album is about the passing of time, love, death and the inevitable impermanence of everything. It is not a Prog album but it has elements of progressive rock within it. It's an eclectic mix and I had an interesting journey making it".

Wild River (2004) features many musicians collectively known as The Magic Club. The CD contains the guitar playing and Mellotron work of XTC's Dave Gregory.


Anonymous said...

I saw David Longdon and the Magic Club at Off The Tracks in the chill out room and they were transcendental.

Unknown said...

You know what's funny? Honey Trap could have been a track from English Boy Wonders