Monday 27 September 2010

The European Perspective: Far Skies Deep Time Exclusive

On September 25th, David 'Wilf' Elliott's The European Perspective show on the Dividing Line network featured an interview with David Longdon as well as an exclusive broadcast of the Far Skies Deep Time EP.

The show is now available to listen to online. There are two options; you can hear just the BBT bit here, or you can hear the whole 4 hour show (which includes the BBT bit as well as some very tasty music from other bands) here.

Just a reminder that the EP will be released on the 25th October and for the first two months (until Christmas Day, in fact) will only be available to buy if you are on the BBT mailing list. It is not too late to join said list and this can be easily be achieved by clicking here and following the instructions (if you've bought CD's directly from us before, you should already be on the list.)

We will start sending emails to people on the mailing list (with ordering information) in the next couple of days.


claus said...

already ordered it and can't wait for the end of october to arrive! i'm sure it will be worth the wait!:-)

Leo said...

Just ordered mine. I'm very curious what the "Jacques Brel" will sound like.

MatD said...

Hi Greg,
I found the EMail I've waited for and ordered immediately. This kind of ordering procedure gives me a kind of elite feeling. :)
Can't wait to hold it in hands.

Sers, MatD

Georg said...

Like all of you I ordered immediately after I found the mail :). I heard the Anthony Phillips demo of yesteryear and am curious how the BBT version will sound - and all the other songs too, the loooong one is appreciated much here.

Frank said...

Sounds fantastic.
On the discussion of the BIG Thing you might work on, my favorite British author who I think of often when listening to your music is Ian R. Macleod:
The Light Ages where the world runs on a magical substance known as Aether for all power, transportation, communications. Part 2, not required to be read is House of Storms. Great reads.

Geoff Parks said...

I must confess I've been rather naughty.

I downloaded the European Perspective FSDT exclusive - a very interesting listen - and then used some mp3 editing software to extract the five songs. I've thus been able to create myself a preview version of the FSDT - it is a fantastic piece of work.

I particularly enjoy The Wide Open Sea but every track bears multiple repeated listens.

I've also ordered two copies of the EP itself - one as a present for a friend who is an obsessive Genesis completionist.

Marcus$ said...

Good to hear the ep on the European Perspective and to get some background from David - it was ordered pronto! However in the (admittidly busy) future schedule was there a mention of the 'Goodbye to the Age of Steam' reissue? Is it still on the cards - you seemed to have done a lot of work on it.