Wednesday 18 May 2011

Hallowed be thy prog

Ignatius Insight, which is a Catholic website, has published an article on prog rock by Professor Bradley Birzer. Professor Birzer has a very interesting perspective on the genre and the article is a terrific read.

Further commentary on the article can be found on The American Culture website.


dsw said...

Thanks for the link, Greg. I don't agree with all of the comparisons (notably, describing David as Richard Thompson-esque is baffling to me), but I do share the author's impressions of the closing moments of "Wide Open Sea." For me, this is the most revelatory piece that the group has documented to date.

As a Buddhist, I'll add that these lyrics speak more broadly than to the Catholic, or even Christian, faith.

Russell said...

Excellent. I enjoyed his sentiment regarding what prog rock (and especially for me, TUFY and FSDT) offers:

"rooted in creation, deeper and older than the Church on earth herself. Sacramental, at its most fundamental definition, is an eternal good, manifested in temporal form."..."a good conversation and meal shared with a friend; the holding of a hand of a five-year old son; the stroking of the hair of a seven-year old daughter; the writing of poetry, touching upon the divine"

So is he saying you guys are more popular than Jesus? ;)