Saturday 7 April 2012

Updates from the BBT forum

Just thought I'd post a couple of updates from the BBT forum for those disinclined to use Facebook.

A post from me last Wednesday:

'A quick update on the mixing. We went into the studio last night to do some snagging and now have mixes of:

East Coast Racer
Uncle Jack
The East Prospect of Winchester from St Giles' Hill
Judas Unrepentant
A Boy in Darkness
The First Rebreather

We reckon we're about halfway there, with another 9 songs to go.

On the way to the studio I bumped into former BBT singer Sean Filkins and had chance for a catch up. Sean's solo album has been picking up excellent reviews and, if you haven't heard it, is well worth checking out:
And a query from Sylvain:
'A question I've been wanting to ask for some time: how will you conceive the two volumes of English Electric? Will each record have its own theme or mood, or will you just randomly separate the songs in two groups?'
with my answer:
'We have thought long and hard about this issue. We want both albums to work as separate releases (some people may buy one but not both) and also succeed as a double CD for those who want to listen to the whole thing in one sitting. There are themes and motifs that are shared between both discs but each volume also needs to be able to stand alone. So, track selection has been difficult! Whilst there is a good balance, overall, I think that volume 1 will grab the attention more quickly than volume 2 (which is a little more reflective and quirky.) That's the plan, anyway.'
Happy Easter from BBT


Simon said...

Thanks for the update! Much appreciated! :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, agree. Not all of us have/want a Facebook account. Thanks for the update here and for not forgetting us.

dsw said...

Thanks for news, Greg. I guess I missed the info about English Electric being released as two separate volumes. Are these to be released simultaneously or sequentially?


Gregory Spawton said...

Hi Doug. Volume 1 is released on September 3rd 2012, and volume 2 March 4th 2013. Cheers, Greg

Simon said...

Thanks for updating the blog here Greg. I'm not a registered user here either (and I don't usually post comments) but this blog is my 'go to' for BBT news!

Thanks, Simon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg,
on you are linked by , but Knol is killed by google. Is it possible to save your Knol-data here or at


Gregory Spawton said...

Hi Michael, yes, we'll be doing something to preserve and re-publish the information we had on the Knol pages. Cheers, Greg