Monday 22 October 2007

Chuffed as nuts

After a mad burst of creativity (the most productive I've ever had) the writing for the follow-up album to The Difference Machine, English Electric, is pretty much done. Still a lot of work to do on arrangements and recording, but we'll be looking for a 2008 release (although that may slip into 2009 if we finish towards the end of next year.)

Listeners can expect a similar line-up of musicians to The Difference Machine (with maybe one or two extra guests on the keyboards) a slightly more diverse selection of songs, our first 20 minute epic, and, I think, a cracking album.

Current tracklisting:

The Underfall Yard
Victorian Brickwork
Master James of St George
An as yet untitled song
At the Water's Edge
Available Light

We'll also be trying to finish off the retrospective of previously unreleased or re-recorded material that we've been promising for ages. Problem is, new songs always take priority, but we will be aiming to get this released in 2010 for our 20th anniversary.

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