Saturday 26 December 2009

Independent Album of the Year...The Underfall Yard

Jason Warburg, editor of The Daily Vault (one of the oldest and most well-established review sites on the web) has just announced that The Underfall Yard is his independent album of the year.

Jason's eloquent review of The Underfall Yard is here .


Leo said...


I just want to tell you that DPRP.Net has published a review of The Underfall Yard.



MatD said...

Hi Greg,

at the German BBS ("BabyBlaueSeiten") The Underfall Yard is album of the month again (like The Difference Machine some time ago).

Sers, MatD

Jem said...

Gentlemen, very very well done. House points all round. Thank you again for asking me to be involved, it was an honour.

No pressure for the next one then! :)