Wednesday 16 December 2009

USA Progressive Music Poll

We've been nominated for the top prog album of the year on USA Progressive Music, so if anyone wants to vote for us (or, indeed, any of the other albums on the list) please check the shortlist out. I doubt we'll get very far because the album has been released so late in the year and therefore will have had less reach than the others, but it would be good to pick up a few votes.


Anonymous said...

There's a good review of the album on the site too. Looks like they didn't rate the first two albums but love the last two.

At present your in third place, which is impressive, The Syn are running away with it, but it could all change. I guess it's all down to the voting - I expect the Transatlatic and Porcupine Tree fans will out number all the other voters by the close of play. The most impressive thing is that you were nominated. Well done, and good luck.

PS I have several of the nominated albums and they are all very good. It's been a great year for prog, but you get my vote.

Unknown said...

You've since gone up to 2nd place! Whatever the final result, you deserve accolades for the brilliant 'The Underfall Yard'. The more I listen to it, the more I like it.