Monday 7 December 2009

Just one week to go

The Underfall Yard will be released on 15th December. That means there is just one week to go to buy the album at the introductory price of just £8 (which includes worldwide shipping.) Pre-orders will ship to arrive on or just before the release date.

From the 15th December, the price will increase, although we'll try to keep the rise as low as we can as we know that money is tight at the moment.

Our secure online shop can be found at our homepage here. The first track on The Underfall Yard, Evening Star, can currently be heard on the music player on the homepage (replacing Winchester Diver) and the full free download of the 23 minute title track also remains available there for a limited time.


MatD said...

Hi Greg,

I received my copy yesterday. Thanks for the quick shipment to Germany!
Nevertheless I didn't have time to listen to it (too much work to do at the day and Christmas festivities in the evening). I hope I get the opportunity this evening.

Sers, MatD

Steve Dunstan said...

WOOHOO! I got my copy this morning, and have spent a blissful day listening to it.
My feelings on the actual music has been well documented on other comments (quick recap: it's beautiful), one thing I'd also like to mention is the packaging. The artwork is just wonderful, very evocative and suits the music so well, and so nice that it isn't wrapped in a generic jewel case but a nice gatefold cardboard sleeve - great job guys!

MatD said...

I have listened to it now for one time and must admit that this is the most beatiful record I've listened to for a very very long time.

Concerning the packaging I can only second to what Steve said.

Please keep on with this high quality output!

Sers, MatD